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The Experience

On-The-Go Healthy Meals in Southbury, CT

Mission Salad, the sister concept of Lucas Local Oyster Bar and Centrico, Part of The Lucas Hospitality Group, offers fresh salads, salad wraps, and grain bowls, with "on-the-go" and "always made with a healthier lifestyle" in mind. Catering services are also available for the home or the office.

Our menu is complete with a variety of healthy meals, including soups, wraps, and salads on the go. We are proud to serve customers throughout the Southbury, Roxbury, Brookfield, Newtown, Oxford, and Woodbury, CT areas. Connect with us to learn more about our menu or to place an order today!

Stop in Today to Try a Salad On the Go!

Everyone knows that eating a salad once in a while can be a healthy choice, especially if clean eating is one of your goals. A healthy salad can deliver your daily dose of fruits and vegetables; it will also provide plenty of fiber, helping you stay full for longer. For anyone interested in losing weight, salads can help you cut calorie consumption and curb your appetite. Salads are full of water, helping you properly hydrate and helping you feel more comfortable during hot summer weather. At Mission Salad, we want to make it as convenient as possible to enjoy your daily salad. In addition to offering our salads in traditional full or half sizes, you can choose to convert any of them into a wrap! Our salads can be wrapped in a whole wheat flour tortilla, providing you with even more nutrients and allowing you to enjoy your salad on the go. Stop in today to place an order!